Consultancy support for Organizational
Development (OD interventions)

EASUN supports development of organizations and networks to improve performance, enhanced ability to generate ownership, and sustainable collaboration in complex human situations.

OD interventions for individual organizations are based on challenges or development questions perceived by themselves. Interventions may include:

Who is an OD
process for?

An OD process is organizationwide. Interventions support practice transformation in individual organizations, community leaders, and networks.

The 2019 training raised my self-awareness and generated my confidence and motivation, as a leader, to restructure the way of thinking and ways of doing things so that the group would be able to sustain networking with other organizations

At the end of the training, participants will have:

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FOLD is EASUN’s flagship leadership and OD consultancy training course. Other trainings offered by EASUN include courses such as Facilitating Skills for Field Workers (FAF), Coaching leaders, Sustaining Collaboration in Networks, and Board Training.