Leadership Training
for Women

After hearing the inspirational story of an elderly woman who had stood up in her village and declared she would no longer accept ‘useless’ male based hierarchical power leading to the death of women and girls, EASUN began on a path of training with community-based organizations around transformational leadership and women’s rights and empowerment.

Women leaders are taking up a larger part in society in East Africa and helping them gain insight into being an effective and inclusive leader, so they can train others and help them raise up too, is a focus for EASUN in coming years.

Working closely with staff members from civil society organizations and in real time training situations, training workshops have been developed where participants learn how to:


This course is delivered in-house for an organization or groups of organizations. The training is organized in two modules (total 10 training days, over a period of 3 months). In between the modules, participants undertake back home projects in teams, and receive relevant mentoring and coaching during the training modules.

The 2019 training raised my self-awareness and generated my confidence and motivation, as a leader, to restructure the way of thinking and ways of doing things so that the group would be able to sustain networking with other organizations

At the end of the training, participants will have:

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FOLD is EASUN’s flagship leadership and OD consultancy training course. Other trainings offered by EASUN include courses such as Facilitating Skills for Field Workers (FAF), Coaching leaders, Sustaining Collaboration in Networks, and Board Training.