Nurturing productive relationships

EASUN transforms organizations to become learning, living and effective mediators in people and community development

Our Approach

EASUN facilitates organizational development of civil society organizations to become effective change mediators and sustainable advocates for transformative development in local communities and society.

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Our Expertise

EASUN has over 25 years experience facilitating organizational development and equipping leaders with transformative skills.

We support civil society organizations across East Africa to identify areas where change could help improve their effectiveness and strengthen the sector as a whole. We train leaders in facilitation skills and organizations to manage change and effectively address governance issues and inequality in communities.

We do this through training courses, one-on-one coaching of leaders and organization-wide change interventions to build and strengthen civil society organizations with skills and productive capacities that sustain advocacy and community development outreach.

Our Achievements


60% of reached networks and movements are expressing new awareness of values that sustain collaboration


50% of reached organizations and community leaders are expressing new awareness of gender responsive behaviors, relationships and procedures that enhance meaningful participation of women and men.


70% of reached leaders and organizations and local communities are expressing new awareness about ethical leadership, and using their newly acquired skills to change organizational and community cultures

EASUN facilitates organization development for CSOs to become aware of their values and vision as the basis for their ethical growth and effectiveness.

Who Are We!



EASUN’s vision is a civil society equipped with values and strategies to advocate for peoples’ rights in workplaces and communities.



EASUN create spaces within which women and men adopt creative new ways of thinking and learn to take ethical actions that develop generative structures and approaches to leading organizations and transformation in communities.


Our Role In East Africa

On the basis of more than 10 years OD practice, EASUN knows it is necessary to build the consciousness of individuals within an organization in order for that organization to effect change in society.

Our Courses

FAF - Facilitation Skills for Field Workers

FAF is for field workers and program staff of NGOs directly involved in building the capacities of community organizations and groups...

FOLD – Facilitating Organizational Learning and Development

FOLD is primarily designed to build consultancy skills in Organizational Development, with a major...

Leadership Training for Women

Women leaders are taking up a larger part in society in East Africa and helping them gain insight into being an effective and inclusive leader...

CSO Network Training

EASUN developed the CSO Networking course after feedback from NGOs around the need to learn skills for working with other...

EASUN’s training will make you a professional facilitator of learning and change in complex organizational and community situations

EASUN transforms organizations to become learning, living and effective mediators in people and community development

The full name of my organization is “Akijul—enabling change”. The spirit of our logo is also influenced by my new practice awareness from FOLD training. The “I” in the name Akijul is drawn as an image of a “plant”, which is all about life and growth. My new learning from FOLD training is, therefore, institutionalized in the very being of our organization.

Ashanut Okille

Akijul - Enabling Change